Monday, October 4, 2010

I know 7 of 8 Jet home games next year

I know, only four weeks into the 2010 season - who cares, right? Just thought you might like to know HOW I know whom the Jets will play at home (could also tell you road).

Simple, actually. Next year the Jets play the NFC East. They played them three years ago (2007). That year, they played at the Cowboys and Giants. Therefore, they will host both teams next year.

Similarly, the Jets play the AFC West next year. Two years ago, they played at Oakland and San Diego. So, next year, they will host those teams.

Add the division games (Dolphins, Patriots, Bills) and there are your seven. You can do the same thing for eternity, assuming the NFL never expands, and maintains this system.

But wait a minute, you say, how is it that every year it seems the Patriots host the Colts? That's where that last home game comes in. The last home game is against one of the teams that finished in the same seeding in its division that the Jets did in theirs. That team cannot be from the division the Jets are playing that year (in the case of next year, this is the AFC West. In the case of this year, the AFC North). Basically, the first place team plays the first place team, second place plays second place, etc. (HOW this seeding happens is a different story, but I imagine it has something to do with who would have qualified for the playoffs first).

When the NFL realigned a few years ago, they flipped coins or picked numbers, or whatever, and made a predetermination that, for example, the AFC South first place team would play at the AFC East first place team in the years 2010-2011, but in the years 2013-2014, the AFC East first place team would play at the AFC South first place team. (in the 2012 season, the teams would follow the pattern outlined when they play the entire division.)

Last year, the Pats played at the Colts because the Pats were playing the whole division and it was the Pats' turn to go to the Colts. But when the teams are not playing each others' entire divisions, the pattern in the paragraph rules.

Anyhow, that is why I cannot tell you whom the Jets will play in the eighth home game next year. It depends on which place they finish in and the place the other team plays in. If we assume the Jets win the division, and so do the Steelers and Texans, then the Jets will host the Texans for the third consecutive year and the Steelers will host the Jets for the third consecutive year.

Just one more reason to love the NFL - the possibilities.

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  1. I do find this slightly interesting.. Do you like how the system is set up or do you want to reorganize football the way Michael wants to reorganize baseball?


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