Wednesday, October 13, 2010

BCS Busting

Are we ever going to stop referring to teams like Boise State and TCU as “BCS Busters?” The term itself makes it seem like they don't belong there when in actuality, they probably deserve a shot more than some of the teams who play in the BCS conferences. Have you seen the Big East recently? Rick Moranis' Little Giants could beat half of those squads. The only Big East team currently ranked is #25 West Virginia. As of right now, the Mountain West Conference has three teams ranked in the top-25. #4 TCU, #11 Utah, and #23 Air Force all play in the MWC, so they obviously don't deserve a spot at the table. We're to assume that West Virginia is better than all three of those teams because they play in the Big East? That's insane. The ACC is another conference with only one ranked team (Florida State), and yet the WAC is looked down upon because they only have the #3 and #19 teams in the nation. Want to hear another fun fact? Not a single team from the ACC, SEC, or Big East has a single first-place vote. You know who does have a first-place vote? “BCS Buster” Boise State, that's who. The Broncos received 8 votes for the nation's top squad. Oh, and TCU got one also. Their inferiority is apparent.

It's not like we don't know how these teams will match up. Boise State has already knocked off two ranked teams from BCS conferences this season, defeating then-#10 Virginia Tech in Week One and beating Oregon State on the blue turf in Boise. Air Force played Oklahoma in Norman and lost by only a field goal. Boise State also won the 2006 Fiesta Bowl against the Sooners 43-42. Why then do we still insist that these teams are not as good? According to ESPN projections, Boise State will be the #1 team in the nation when the first BCS rankings are released this Sunday. With Oregon coming in at #2, the BCS National Championship Game would be a rematch of the Thursday night opener from the 2009 season, in which Boise State defeated Oregon 19-8. You may remember that game more for the fact that Oregon running back LeGarrette Blount punched Boise State defensive end Byron Hout in the jaw and got himself suspended. This year's Ducks are only figuratively punching teams in the mouth, winning games by an average score of 54-16, leading the FBS in scoring. Boise State ranks 4th in scoring, with 44 points per game.

I know I'm not the first person to gripe about the BCS, but when is the NCAA going to start paying attention? There is controversy every single season and it's not like there isn't any time to fit in a playoff system. The BCS National Championship Game is played one month after the regular season ends. Surely with that much time, a playoff could be instituted. The Football Championship Subdivision has a playoff system, not to mention every other NCAA sport. I don't even think we need to eliminate some of the minor bowl games (The New Orleans Bowl, The Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl, etc.). Those could be used as part of the playoff system and that way, I wouldn't have to waste the month of December watching games like North Texas vs. Marshall or Louisiana Tech vs. UNLV. And really, if Butler can play for an NCAA title in basketball, I don't see why Utah couldn't string together a few wins over BCS opponents.

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