Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Quick Monthly Recap and Tuesday Football?

Let me first mention that we apologize to our many, many devoted fans that words like "consistency," "regular," and even "bi-weekly" are not words that describe our posting habits here at Sterling Shakers. It is hard every day to be this creative, knowledgeable, and funny - among many other meaningful tasks in our lives that actually generate an income. I do not want to be one of these blogs that just falls apart after a few months, so trust me when I say we have plenty more sports to talk about. If one more of you walks up to me in the street and goes "Hey Zanonibro! What the heck man we don't see any more creative, knowledgeable, and funny posts any more!" I may just break down and cry with you. So for you guys, I pledge to do a better job in 2011 (making my first resolution early - a bold move).

A lot has happened since I last blogged. In no particular order: A roof in Minnesota collapsed but it didn't quite make headlines like Favre's first missed game since he was in pee wee football and suffered a tummy ache. Cliff Lee signed with the bastard Phillies, and it makes me a little glad the Yankee faithful called his wife names and she probably cried. I also want to remind you that Maddux, Glavine, Smoltz, and a few good 4th starters only won 1 championship together. Don't count your chickens or you'll feel like a Yankee fan does every year they don't win it all when you don't win the series this year either. The Giants beat the Eagles up and down the Meadowlands for 2 entire quarters of football and haven't shown up to play since. More impressive: Tom Brady still hasn't thrown an interception since the last post, and the Pats look like Super Bowl favorites because a team with a superhero as a QB and 3 skill position players at or under 5'9" can't lose. It is the rule of the little guys. Sidney Crosby has his points streak going in 24 straight games but unfortunately still has his mustache to tickle his boyfriend's scrotum while in the 69 position. The Knickerbockers in NY have made themselves respectable again. No joke there, they've simply had enough torment in the past decade or so and I am rather glad I have watched my first entire basketball game in years because of the turnaround. I am getting crushed in my College Bowl predictions (thankfully not posted here) as I expected since I really only watch 4-5 games a year including most BCS bowl games. I got a phone call to be the 4th and/or 5th starter for the Yankees this season. This was after Grau Geist turned down a 2 year contract offer for the same position because he was still bitter they let Matsui go last off season. Peyton Hillis of the Browns has come back down to earth after the rest of the team seems to think they can just send him out there on offense against all 11 defenders. Despite this news, my fantasy team is still in the Super Bowl in my money league after an 0-4 start and finishing 8-6. I am still awesome. Uh, I guess that covers the main points that matter to me anyway.

I want to wish everyone a belated Merry Christmas (and I guess Happy Thanksgiving - it has been that long). It wouldn't be a true post from me if you didn't get a random fact. The Eagles/Vikings game slated for tonight will mark the 23rd NFL game played on a Tuesday in their history. The New York Giants beat the Boston Yanks 17 to 0 in October of 1946 in the last one. Everyone enjoy a safe new year's celebration, and I hope to be in touch more in 2011.

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