Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Why I like the 18 game schedule

So, the football gods are trying to add two regular season games to the schedule, to replace two preseason games. Anyone who holds season tickets likes this idea, since we pay for those preseason games and no one goes to them.

But when should the games be added? I don't think they should be played in August, as they are now - too f'n hot. Why not add them on at the end of the season so that football season extends until the end of February? I mean, February is a pretty dead month for sports anyway. The hockey and basketball playoffs have not started, and March madness in the NCAA does not start until a month later. I have always said that February belongs to women, as I have no real sport to watch. Now, it can belong to the guys again (except that ONE day).

In addition to adding the games at the end of the regular season (and thus having some awesome cold games in January), the NFL should consider adding an additional off week (please don't call it a bye - a bye is earned). This would make an 18 game schedule be played over 20 weeks, and REALLY get us to the last Sunday in February. Think of the possibilities: we could have Wednesday night football, if two teams come off a bye! Do I dare say Tuesday? Then there is Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! (All this to happen in January, AFTER college football is over).

Yes, I am advocating for football every day of the week. Obviously, each team cannot play every day, but using the off weeks properly can really make football an every day sport.

Well, a guy can dream, anyway.


  1. I think football every day of the week at the end of the season would be awesome. For a week or a week and a half, if they planned it right, there would be a marathon going into the playoffs. The problem is, do you need to give the wildcard game teams an extra week to recoop because one team played on Monday and the other on the Friday before the playoff game? And then is one of these teams getting 2 weeks? Plays with the time off factor too much going into that first round, but if there is a fair way to do it, I am all for it.

  2. No team would have a bye the last week, so that could not happen. Would also have to plan for teams to have the same by week that play the next week. So, let's say the AFC East has off. The Jets and Pats would play on the Wednesday, the Bills and Dolphions on Tuesday. Then, two Sundays later the Jets would play the Dolphins and the Pats would play the Bills.


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