Wednesday, November 17, 2010

NHL Game Tonight - Rangers vs. Bruins AKA The First "Meet the Writers for a Drink" Night

Grau Geist and I will be at tonight's Rangers' game at Madison Square Garden. We'll be sitting in Sec. 119 and enjoying pre-game beers at Stout. Stout is across 7th Ave. from the Garden on 33rd. St - the address is 133 W 33rd (giving away advertising - bad strategy). The puck will drop a little after 7PM, so if you actually want to catch us at the bar, we'll be there until about 6:55.

I promise anyone to come up to me and mention this blog, I will buy you a drink. Yes, you read correctly. I repeat, I will buy you a drink of your choosing just for saying you are a fan. You don't even have to prove it (but I'll quiz you on past posts anyway). If you're looking for who and where we are, just comment on this article and I will make sure to comment back when we arrive. Share with all your friends in the Midtown area. If this works out and we actually get more people to read us, I will definitely do it again and perhaps even post a ticket or two here for the first to find me in a stated place near the Garden.

So, while I have you, I figure I'll give you a little preview of the game. The Rangers are on a 3 game win streak, and an inconsistent offense to start the season seems to finally be settling down. After putting up a touchdown and a two point conversion against the Edmonton Oilers this past Sunday (or hit two grand slams), they came out with some last minute game tying heroics Monday from Marc Staal, and a picture perfect OT goal from (my boy)Ryan Callahan to edge out a great Penguins team. The perfectness is a reference to Callahan's steal, give and go, and then Dubinsky's 2 on 1 pass back to him for a chip in one timer. This homegrown backbone has made this team look like a bright future is ahead as they only seem to be getting better.

As for the Bruins, they're coming off a shutout win against the league worst (or second worst, the Isles still are a hockey team after all) New Jersey Devils. Bruins goaltender Tim Thomas, recorded his 4th shutout of the season and has easily been the league's most dominant rubber stopper in the early going. Despite all of Boston's weapons in guys like Horton, Bergeron, Lucic, and Chara's nasty slapshot, don't underestimate Henrik in net for the Rangers either.

I expect a relatively low scoring match; a true grindfest. The Rangers love to keep the puck low below the net in the offensive zone and pound out their chances. "The King" also seems to play out of his mind against this Bruins team, so don't be surprised to see him outplay the best goalie in the league so far in Thomas. I think a 3-2 Rangers victory is in store and they will make it four straight wins. Even if you aren't going to the game - come hangout at Stout for a bit and meet some die hard fans. At least show up and tell us we suck, I'll still even buy you a drink.


  1. Wow, free booze got the most likes so far from everyone. Remember to check back here for a comment about where exactly in stout I am. Let me know if you're planning on coming!

  2. At the basement bar in stout waiting to buy drinks for everyone with GG!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. so when will you be back at stout!!?


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