Wednesday, March 23, 2011

4 Sport Buffet

I know it has been awhile. I have broken my new year’s resolution to you all, but for it to have lasted this long was a miracle. I simply haven’t had the time or inspiration at work to hammer one of these out. If I feel like I’m forcing something, it probably isn’t much fun to read either. I actually had an article typed about my views on the NCAA tournament, but I do realize a lot of you that follow it religiously would have laughed at my weak knowledge. So here are my four extended blurbs for the day.

NCAA hoops prove to be the most entertaining thing around for most sports fans right now. Somehow in one of my brackets I picked 12 of these sweet 16 teams, and have a pretty high potential to score a lot more points having my final 4 intact. I think my personal best before this was 9 or 10 with 3 teams in the FF left. If anyone wants to see my bracket, I will gladly send them an autographed copy. Okay fine, I know it isn’t world record winning, but for a guy who starts watching college ball in late February and ends at the end of the tourney, I bet a lot of you are jealous with your busted brackets.

Speaking of the New York Rangers (snuck that in there) – they are on a 5 game win streak after a gritty 1-0 win last night against the Florida Panthers. King Henrik pitched his NHL leading 10th shutout of the season last night and it couldn’t have come at a better time. The Rangers need these wins to assure they at least maintain a #7 ranking going into the playoffs, but ideally can move up to #6 in order to avoid the 1 and 2 seeds in the first round (Flyers and Caps as it stands now - a point away from each other). Rangers hockey isn’t pretty hockey, but the last 5 games they have really woken up and played as a team. I am excited to see if they can upset one of these higher seeds moving towards the postseason.

Baseball is right around the corner. Opening day is happier than Christmas for me and lacks the snow… okay USUALLY lacks the snow. The Yankees are limping in hurting a bit with Granderson most recently straining an oblique. Also, Cervelli broke a foot and won’t be there to start the year as backup. I can imagine Posada being the only backup on the roster to start the season unless Montero shows he can hit in these next few games. I was really looking forward to seeing what this kid Montero was going to look like at the dish only to be disappointed with a bad average and only 2 doubles and 0 HR all spring. I am not too scared as it will work itself out for the club this year. Watch out for Jeter’s game to rebound, Cano to get better as he hits his true prime, and the rotation to exceed expectations (which aren’t that high) – among other things.

Lastly, the NFL is making noise. No, we have no confirmed 2011-12 season yet, BUT we have “fixed” a few things. We will now see more touchbacks due to moving up the kickoff spot (and I’m pretty sure the guys with big legs will be making the occasional "field goal"). Nice work guys – almost got that new CBA worked out I see. The last thing I want to hear as I’m dozing off on my couch is Joshua Cribbs and Devin Hester complaining via cell phone about how they won’t get as many chances to return a kickoff anymore. They had to be C- students at best. I do agree with them, I love kickoff returns - but mostly for those brusing hits they usually take when caught with nowhere to go. Why not just let teams with big leg kickers place the ball on the 20 for the other team and save the time. Oh right, commercial time before and after the kick. Lastly, it has also been said that there is no desire for replacement players if the lockout continues into the regular season. Aw man! I was looking forward to seeing this guy under center again some day.


  1. Why no love for Montero? The guy's a beast, one of the best young prospects to come up at a position where major league talent is always at a premium. He's had a difficult couple of weeks this spring in games which flat out don't matter, but shows general development very much ahead of schedule. I'd trade Saltalamaccia even-up for Montero right now, and probably throw in Varitek, if only Boston and NY made any trades. The kid's only 20 years old. Ten years from now Montero will make people forget about Posada - and maybe even Berra. (Your next article: how many and what kind of drinks did Tom Yawkey and Larry McPhail have in 1947 when they verbally agreed to trade Williams for DiMaggio.)

  2. Wayne - much love for him. The yankees wouldn't trady for salty - he doesn't make enough money. I was just hoping to see him on the roster right now after really impressing us. This isn't to say he won't pan out. Just not for opening day roster I don't think. I mean Martin isn't hitting any better for us right now in spring... so who the hell knows what his season will be like.


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